ARINC 717/429 Interface to Gigabit Ethernet Powered with a Rechargeable Battery

MBS’ ÆSyBus product range provides Full Duplex Gigabit Ethernet/IP interfacing to various Avionics and Industrial data buses. ÆSyBus 717 provides this convenient high speed distributed interfacing capability for accessing both ARINC 717 and ARINC 429 channels with support for discrete I/O.

  • ARINC 717 dual mode transmission (biphase or bipolar)
  • ARINC 717 independent biphase and bipolar receive channels
  • ARINC 429 transmit and 3 receive channels
  • Eight ARINC 717 speeds (64 to 8192 words/sec)
  • Variable transmit amplitude
  • Variable signal rise and fall times
  • Discrete IO
  • Error Detect and Time Stamping of ARINC 429 data
  • Hardware and Software independent interface
  • Stand-alone Module Version for portable applications Powered with a rechargeable battery (BAT)

Many Modules can be connected to a single computer offering access to many hundreds of channels per computer.

As with the other networked interface products from MBS, the ARINC 429 range can be easily connected to any serious computer via its Ethernet Interface (which operates in full duplex mode up to 1000 Mb/s) and its control software can be programmed to run on any serious operating system, giving the system designer an amazing flexibility and choice.

In addition to our standard product range, MBS’ offers ARINC 429 products for use in an extended temperature environment and harsh conditions.

A separate document provides more detail on the ÆSyBus concept and how its unique architecture can be exploited to provide a cost effective, distributed interface and processing system with outstanding performance. Many new products are planned to expand this flexible, easy to program family.


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