Secure Maintenance Device for Browser based data loading and OEM Windows App based data loading

  • ARINC 645-1
  • Browser based data loading
  • OEM Windows App based data loading
  • Fully locked down
  • No access to menus and other controls
  • Plug and Play
  • Reduced (running) efforts and costs for Security
  • Complementary to the mini PDL-Pad
  • Administrated and monitored via the software management system FLS-Desk

Operators could traditionally use Windows laptops and use OEM's applications to load LRUs in a server client configuration.

These types of devices are open, configurable by the user and have inherent security risks that require significant IT overhead to maitiain patches and security updates.

However, with the issue of Boeing ICA and industry focus on data security such laptop use is unlikely to be compliant for much longer.

Developed from the security benchmark of the mini PDL-Pad, the SMD is a DO-335a /ED-204, ARINC 827, ATA Spec 42, ARINC 835 and ARINC 645-1 complaint data loader.

The SMD is a fully locked down tool that can only be used for its intended functions.

No access to menus and other controls. The administrator configures and monitors the SMD via software configuration management system FLS-Desk. Mening all loads of the SMD and the PDL can be managed and loaded in one user friendly system.

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