Data Loading cables

MBS offers a broad range of data loading cables, including bespoke orders

  • ARINC 615 Data Loading Cable​​​​
    • ARINC 615
    • ARINC 615A
  • ARINC 615A Data Loading Cable for FDMIU ED48
  • ARINC 615 Data Loading Cable for DMU ED45
  • ARINC 615 to ARINC 603 Adapter Stubcable
  • ARINC 615A Data Loading  Y-Cable for FMC
  • ARINC 615A Data loading Y-cable. 53 Pin Circular Connector for loading Astronautics EFB EFB
    • Connected to PDL via 53 Pin data loader connection
  • Ethernet cable RJ45 for ARINC 615A data loads
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