Software Crating Station for Secure End to End processing of Filed Loadable Software

  • ARINC 667-3 / RTCA DO-355A
  • Secure import of LSAP via electronic portals as FTP/Web
  • Secure import of LSAP via physical media as USB, CD, DVD, Floppy, PCMCIA Drives
  • Validation of the authenticity and integrity of the field loadable software using PKI:
    - Carillon LSAP Desktop Validator
    - Boeing compatible Validator
    - Airbus compatible Validator
  • Facilitate crating and digital signing of field loadable software using the Desktop Signer in the ARINC 827 crate format
  • Allow browser access to export crates for secure storage on the MBS FLS-Desk Server and to download software parts from supplier portals
  • Allows export of signed crates to physical media

The SCS (Software Crating Station) device is a dedicated hardware tool used solely for the handling of the receipt, validation and signing of field loadable software.

The device is locked down, with the configuration controlled by MBS, and is only able to perform its intended functions, ensuring security to the standard intended by the ARINC 667-3 / RTCA DO-355A guidance material for a ground support system.

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