Portable Data Loader Products

For legacy and modern aircraft

Is your current Data Loading infrastructure secure, future-proof and easy to upgrade? 

MBS is a proven leader in security, having developed and sold the first purpose built portable data loader since 2013. 

With the MBS Data Loading concept you are compliant to:

• ARINC 827 + ATA Spec 42

• Crate format

• Long life digital signature

• ARINC 835

• Methods used by OEMs for digital signature

• ARINC 641-1

• ARINC 645-1

• New section being added for hardening of data loaders

• Requirement for PKI

• Anticipated to be a means of compliance with AC 43-216

• Expected to be basis for future requirements published by regulators and airframers

The mini PDL-Pad, when used in conjunction with the memory card emulator family, is the ideal tool to facilitate management of the anticipated changes to ARINC 667 concerning physical media security, processes and regulations. 

The secure MBS Data Load concept includes the following components:

The one-stop-shopping solution to overcome floppy disk obsolescence,
for streamlining your data load processes and reduce total costs