mini PDL-Pad

The DATA PUMP for your EFB or IFE

mbs AesyBus mini PDL pad
  • ARINC 645-1 compliant, self-contained, fully featured Portable Data Loader (PDL)
  • Supports ARINC 429, ARINC 615, ARINC 615A, secure USB media emulator, PCMCIA and Compact Flash emulators
  • AFDX functionality coming soon
  • Compatible with any Airbus and Boeing aircraft
  • Public Key Infrastructure functionality, supporting Boeing, Airbus and Carillon ARINC 835 signed software parts
  • Support of Airbus ARINC 641 formatted media sets
  • Supports engine data acquisition and data loading
  • Compatible with any Airbus and Boeing aircraft
  • Battery independent, powered through aircraft power
  • Built-in 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, LAN (gigabit) connectivity
  • Supports wireless and media less LSAP distribution
  • Supports data load from external USB drive or internal repository
  • Works stand-alone or integrated in MRO systems FLS-Desk
  • Built-in USB media emulator supports EFB, IFE and MAT systems
  • Engine data acquisition e.g. LEAP Continuous Engine Operational Data (CEOD)
  • Availability of direct connection to CFM Cloud for analytics
  • Engine software data loading e.g. FADEC, EEC
  • No repetitive IT administration efforts required
  • Comprehensive data security
  • 7 inch touch screen user interface
  • Ruggedized design
  • Small and light weight
  • Easy to use
  • Economic price

Field Loadable Software:

  • Acquire field loadable software (FLS)
  • Store Data
  • Load Data

No longer need aircraft be stranded for want of a data load. The ÆSyBus mini PDL-Pad provides the solution. This economic, small, lightweight module can acquire data anywhere in the world via 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet or alternatively, it can retrieve data from its own built-in storage and then, rapidly load the aircraft equipment according to either ARINC 429, 615-3, secure USB media emulation or optional ARINC 615-A, PCMCIA.

Moreover the mini PDL-Pad is able to provide even largest amounts of data to IFE, EFB or MAT systems using the built-in secure USB media emulator.

The ÆSyBus mini PDL-Pad integrates seamlessly with mbs’ FLS-Desk making distribution of Field Loadable Software (FLS) and aircraft software configuration control a snip.

The mini PDL, when used in conjuction with the FLS-Desk, provides a complete end to end system to manage the distribution, loading and monitoring of FLS. It is in use with over 50 airlines maintaining a fleet of more than 2500 aircaft.

The mini PDL now has support for „BIG Data“ downloads from the latest most advanced engine families. An example of where this is being used is for CFM LEAP Engine Continuous Engine Operational Data (CEOD). Large data files (upto 2GB per engine) containing many engine paramaters captured during operation can be downloaded and transferred directly to the CFM Cloud for data analytics. The PDL can also be used for engine data loading e.g. FADEC, ECC.

Since the ÆSybus mini PDL-Pad integrates all the essential features and mobile communication devices into a small, light weight, cost effective package which can be easily carried with the aircraft, it no longer makes sense to install a costly new ADL in the aircraft.


mini PDL-Pad Ordering Information: 

  • Æ-615-MPDL – mini PDL-Pad (Portable Data Loader)


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