Handles all aircraft types and manages any Field Loadable Software

  • Web based “Field Loadable Software” management tool
  • Remote, very easy administration and monitoring of your data load processes
  • Manages any Field Loadable Software (e.g. ARINC 665 media sets)
  • Handles all aircraft types
  • Remote software update & support for your mini PDL-Pads
  • Automatic updating aircraft software configuration report
  • Provides current and historic aircraft software configuration report for each tailsign
  • unlimited user capability
  • Access control by roles (Administrator, Engineer & Electrician)
  • Automatic distribution of FLS to Portable Data Loaders „over the air“ or via Ethernet
  • Notifications to monitor data loads
  • Notifications to monitor synchronization between mini PDL-Pad & FLS-Desk

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