ARINC 429 Interface to Gigabit Ethernet Powered with a Rechargeable Battery

MBS’ ARINC 429 Interface products offer the advantages of a networked system, with ease of use and exceptional performance. All channels are individually programmable and error identification and detection is provided on all receive channels. Some products are provided with transmit scheduling, error insertion and time-stamping of received data, while other products are optimised for file transfer applications with appropriate protocol support features

  • Up to 24 ARINC 429 channels per Module
  • Many Modules per computer
  • Support for periodic and asynchronous messages
  • Advanced scheduling options
  • Capture all or selected traffic on fully loaded buses
  • Error detection and injection
  • File Transfer support
  • Time-stamping and Timer Synchronisation
  • Multi-user Networked Access and Control
  • 4 DIO pull-downs I/O
  • Higher Input voltage 12-18V Incremental Transmit Slope and Amplitude Control Lightning Protectio
  • Stand-alone Module Version for portable applications Powered with a rechargeable battery (BAT)

Many Modules can be connected to a single computer offering access to many hundreds of channels per computer.

As with the other networked interface products from MBS', the ARINC 429 range can be easily connected to any serious computer via its Ethernet Interface (which operates in full duplex mode up to 1000 Mb/s) and its control software can be programmed to run on any serious operating system, giving the system designer an amazing flexibility and choice. In addition to our standard product range, MBS' offers ARINC 429 products for use in an extended temperature environment and harsh conditions.



Sales Reference

G (General Applications)


T  (Filtered Reception)


F  (FileTransfer Support)


S  (Special features)


XFC (Extended Fault Control)     



Supported Functions G S XFC
Transmit FIFOs X X X
Transmit Scheduler X X X
Fault Insertion X X X
Error Detection X X X
Time Stamping of Received Data (32bit, 1microsecond resolution) X X X
Cyclic Buffers for Receive Data and Time Stamps X X X
4 DIO pull-downs I/O X X
Higher Input voltage 12-18V X X
Incremental Transmit Slope and Amplitude Control X
Lightning Protection X X

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