Discrete I/O Interface to Gigabit Ethernet, Powered with a Rechargeable Battery

MBS’ ÆSyBus product range provides Full Duplex Gigabit Ethernet/IP interfacing to various Avionics and Industrial data buses. ÆSyBus-DIO-48 provides this convenient high speed distributed interfacing capability for accessing 48 Discrete Input / Output Ports, configurable for signal levels of 3.3V, 5V or as an external power input in the range 2.3V to 5.5V.

  • 48 Independent Discrete Input / Output Ports
  • All Ports individually configurable as Input or Output
  • 1000 Mb/s Networked interface supporting up to 10 simultaneous applications on the same or separate computers
  • 40-bit Time Stamping with 1 microsecond resolution
  • Hardware and Software independent interface
  • Stand-alone Module Version for portable applications Powered with a rechargeable battery (BAT)

A separate document provides more detail on the ÆSyBus concept and how its unique architecture can be exploited to provide a cost effective, distributed interface and processing system with outstanding performance. Many new products are planned to expand this flexible, easy to program family.

Host applications communicate with the Module using Ethernet and UDP/IP protocol, which is supported by all serious computer systems giving a platform independent connection. Each application first registers with the Module by logging on and when finished logoff to release resources for other applications. Up to ten separate applications can register with the Module at any time and access and control its resources.


The choice of Ethernet data bus with UDP/IP protocol provides the user with a freedom unimaginable in the past. No longer is it necessary for a single program to control all of the communication with the interface card. With ÆSyBus-DIO-48, the user can divide the system into logical parts and implement them in separate applications, on the same computer or on separate computers attached to the network and these connections can be broken and re-connected while the system is working. No need to switch the system down when connecting a new host to the network.



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