Shop Loader

Latest loader generation for Shop maintenance with a focus on security and streamlining data load processes

  • Secure
  • Fully integrated solution
  • Removal of physical media from shop environment
  • Backed-up storage for captured data and results

The MBS Shop Loader was developed from the security benchmark of the portable data loader mini PDL-Pad with and for Operators & MROs to produce a device tailored for loading LRUs / engines in a workshop environment. The unit is able to load A615, A615A, RS-232, or linear memory and compact flash when used with optional emulators.

The Shop Loader integrates with the single software library maintained on the e-enabled software management system (FLS-desk), which is used by the mini PDL-Pad. The FLS-Desk provides a secure backed up software library, together with an archive for load reports and captured data. This eliminates the security, reliability and obsolescence issues of physical media in the Shop.

With Security in mind, the Shop Loader maintains the approach of the mini PDL-Pad by having a locked down Linux operating system. All external communication is controlled by the Shop Loader, which can only make one connection and that is to the FLS-Desk.

To provide a one stop shop solution, the MBS Shop Loader incorporates a cutdown secure Windows Emulator, where non Linux software tool applications can be installed by the administrator only, removing the need for additional windows based machines in the Shop.

The Shop Loader, together with the FLS-Desk, separates LRU / engine administration and data loading activities between the management and the maintenance staff who actually perform the data loading activity.

The authorised administrators prepare the data-loading activities by defining which LRUs / engines are to be loaded and with which software. The Shop Loader is synchronised with the FLS-Desk and the appropriate data loading tasks with its data are automatically downloaded to the device.

The maintenance staff carry out the data loading tasks in accordance with their work orders and when complete, the Shop Loader is once again synchronised so that the results, success or failure, are
transmitted to the FLS Desk software management system to provide the management with an up to date status.

– Supports data loading via ARINC 615, ARINC615A and RS-232
– ARINC 615 Data Loading cable
– Engine software data loading eg. FADEC, EEC
– LEAP engine up and download with direct connection to CFM Cassiopee Server
– Includes FADEC3 Software Integrity Test function
– Supports use of optional emulators – PCMCIA linear memory, PCMCIA ATA and compact flash
– Secure Linux operating system
– Emulator for running Windows applications (e.g. analysis and report generation of retrieved engine data)
– Archiving and retrieval of captured data on the MBS Field Loadable Software (FLS) desk
– 54GB internal repository
– WI-FI / Ethernet connectivity
– HDMI output for display (not provided)
– USB interfaces for keyboard / mouse (not provided)

– Secure, purpose built, Shop Loader for all Shop data loading needs, only able to perform required functions
– Expansion of the benefits of the MBS data loading solution into the Shop environment – fully integrated with mini PDL-Pads and the FLS-Desk
– Removal of reliance on unreliable physical media (floppy discs, PCMCIA, compact flash)
– Use of FLS-Desk to provide secure backed up storage of software – no lost or corrupt media
– Use of FLS-Desk to provide secure backed up storage of load reports and downloaded data


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AE-615-SL – Secure Shop Loader

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